Years of money blowing

Years of money blowing - student project

Hi, this is my project (and I don’t know if I’m figuring it out properly).

My intent is to focus on the top 5 of the years with the most damages quantified in dollars.

For each year in the top 5 (specified by circle’s color and numeral) I’ll show the amout of monetary damage (the dimensions of the cirlces), the rank (the number in the inner circle) and the states involved.

I’m going to specify the monetary damage at the bottom of the circle but still seems I can add more informations.

Feedbacks are welcome :)

Years of money blowing - image 1 - student project


Am I the only one having trouble to upload images?

Thank you




I made some changes to the gradient and it's now referred to the amount of money.

There's still a lot of work to do (icons, adding the money amount for each year, etc...).

I also want to add an histogram at the bottom of the page to show the damages trend over the years putting a focus on the five represented.

More updates ASAP

Years of money blowing - image 2 - student project



Update 2

Years of money blowing - image 3 - student project

It's far from perfect.

I've added some icons for monetary damages and number of deaths, retuned the gradient and added an histogram.

I'm not satisfied with the histogram's look, I think I'll use bars instead of a continous line. The look is too irregular now.




Here it is

Years of money blowing - image 4 - student project