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Ana Menezes

Carioca designer and bookbinding enthusiast



Years and Years - Intertwined

From the start I knew I wanted to make something for Years & Years...I've been obsessed with them these days. They are very unique and kind of alternative. Their sound makes me want to dance and just relax at the same time. I don't know where the idea of limbs intertwined came from, it just sort of came to me whilst listening to the band. It all started on the "&" character... I wanted to make things revolve around it. 



For the choice of colors I also just tried to get the vibes from the songs. I chose the pink and the blue because I think they can give a sense a androginy, as if the bodies intertwined are all equal.

The first color to be print would be the pink and then the blue on top, but I am still studying what can happen if I print the pink last...I would get a shade of dark blue. I still don't know if I want more colors on this poster but I think there might something still missing, and I believe I could still work on giving more depth and texture to it by exploring the colors.

Any thoughts or suggestions? 


(Still a work in progress)




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