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Yearbook Images-standing out

I work for another photographer and she allows me to focus on High School senior portraits. This is only my second senior season and second year even working in this field.  I have learned a lot but know I still have TONS to learn.  I am still working on lighthing and technical skills but have come a long way.  I know I am growing and I am trying to be patient with my learning but sometimes I can only see my flaws!  I am still developing my style as a photographer but excited to be on this journey.

I feel like I give my clients a good variety but want to really nail that yearbook image.  I want it also to stand out.  I think of these images as vertical and I always feel like I capture stronger horizontal images and that is where my eye goes to naturally.  Therefore, caputring the headshot is a skill I want to grow in more.  

Here is some of my current work that I'd love some feedback on.  I am focusing on the vertical headshot/yearbook image.  Thanks!  -Shack

I think one thing you mentioned was not using hands as much.  I use to think that the hands were a must, but lately I have been changing that idea in my brain.  

Sometimes I think of headshots as very traditional and in my mind that goes to the word "boring" but then I see yours Michelle and I think, oh see it doesn't have to be boring!  I don't want to be boring.  Help!  :)  

I think I did better on this one with "shooting from above."  That was a key phrase for me that you used.  That will help with not being boring.  

It has been WAY too cold to go out with someone to do fresh portraits but it is my goal in the next week or so to get some more shots again praciticing these little steps to tweak my images.


I got to go out with a freind in the cold.  We weren't dressed necessarily for head shots, but I was trying to practice.  I always lean towads the horizontal but need to do more vertical!  

My friend was totally self conscious and really tried to hide behind her hands.  I like this shot of her but not necessariy with the glove (looks odd without fingers showing!).  

I get to work with a bunch of teens this coming Saturday and am going to try to capture some fun headshots using the tips again.  I have to keep practicing.  

Thanks to anyone who looks at the project.  I am open to feedback, I really want to grow and learn.  


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