Year of the Pig

Year of the Pig - student project

This was my first time creating an animal character. I draw comics of kids. It's the year of the pig, so why not start there.

I was so excited to try the transfer paper! I love learning these tricks to the trade.

Year of the Pig - image 1 - student project


I pressed down too hard and the transfer was too dark. You can still see much of the black outline, and I ended up creating an indentation where I drew. 


Here is my color tests. I don't know how to use graphic design software. I just tried out some colors.

Year of the Pig - image 2 - student project



Here are my final paintings


Year of the Pig - image 3 - student project


I lost their hands! 

Year of the Pig - image 4 - student project


I like this guy. This year is looking up for him!