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Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, your opinion, man.

I'm a huge fan of "The Big Lebowski" and so when i had to come up with a quote, I knew instantly I wanted to do something from that movie. Picking a phrase was tough -- especially when the movie is so incredibly quotable. Eventually, I settled on "Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, your opinion, man."

I'll be updating with my progress as I complete it, so look forward to seeing The Dude's words memorialized in text.

Inspiration and Brainstorming, Man

Since I'm doing this at work, you get this cell phone pic instead of a full-fledged scan. The Dude abides.

And here we begin. When I first sat down with my index card, I thought, "What embodies The Dude, aside from his Dudeness?" After all, these are The Dude's Words, and I want that to be conveyed in the final product. Once I did that, the ideas came out pretty easily. It helped that I re-watched the movie last night.

That's how Pomeranians made it onto the list.

Right now, I'm thinking that I'd like to implement both bowling and The Dude's awesome sweater pattern into the typeset -- all while (hopefully) conveying the sort of effortlessness His Holiness The Dude is known for.

Hell, maybe I can have a tiny, barking Pomeranian in the corner of the final print. Man, if my fuckin' ex-wife asked me to take care of her fuckin' dog while she and her boyfriend went to Honolulu I'd tell her to go fuck herself.

Gathering, uh, Reference Material, you know

Have you ever watched a movie a million times and noticed something new every time you've watched it? That was me last night with "The Big Lebowski". Suddenly, I'm paying attention to stuff like lettering and design and realize that I really like the movie title card's design:

The Big Lebowski. One of the Greatest Movies Ever Made.

Pretty cool and retro, huh?

So looking at that, I thought maybe retro was the way to go. Here are some of the images I found while researching:

Not retro, but pretty damn cute, dude.

Bowl Spare Time. Have I mentioned I'm terrible at bowling?

Man, I'd like these coasters.

I think The Dude can get behind this.

Don't know his thoughts on 7up, though.

Mmm... nice cream...

They don't make 'em like they used to.


Now I'm starting to think that using a vintage script might actually better convey the whole "I don't give a shit" attitude of my quote. What was I thinking with scrawl? Right now, I'm thinking "your opinion" will be large and scripted; the rest will be in a smaller and not.

I still want to find some way to incorporate the Dude's awesome sweater into the mix, though:

I want this so bad, you have no idea.

I wear a size medium.

Thus completes Phase 1 of this project. Pretty amazing how much things have changed since yesterday.  I'm going to continue to seek out inspiration for this project, so don't be surprised if this gets updated at some point during the duration of this project, man.


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