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Yeah You Right

I love typography, and since I teach art I try to get my students to love it as well. 
I definitely wouldn't say I'm a pro at it, and I went to school long enough ago that I never had to use/learn illustrator, so this is a skill set I certainly feel like would be beneficial.

I do a lot of sketching of phrases in my sketchbook so it was hard to pick one that I wanted to use. So the first thing that came to mind was "making makes you better." Apropos, no?

I have also been using a lot of altered geometry in my work this summer so I thought I would see what that looked like with the text.


So I went with this idea and sketched it out on graph paper, photocopied it, and began with it on the computer before feeling like...meh...

This is what it looks like as it sits on my coffee table:

As you can see from my sketchbook, I had also been thinking of another phrase - "yeah you right".

This is one of my favorite memories from living in New Orleans a lifetime ago. It is something the locals say all the time, and the sheer absurdity of the grammar just always makes me smile with fond memories.

So I decided to do something pretty simple with it.

Original sketch (or this could be a photocopied version, I won't remember until I load it):

This is pretty much where I am at right now.
I have only watched videos as far as live tracing, expanding, and ungrouping.

I haven't played around with color, etc., in Ps yet, but may do that over the next few days.


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