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Yeager Family

My dad lost both his parents in the past couple years so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make him a t-shirt for Christmas that paid tribute to his family. My Grandma and Grandpa lived their whole lives in Numidia, PA (population 244). My grandma was a hairdresser and my grandpa an insurance salesman, but I sure as hell wasn't going to try to illustrate insurance. She always made great iced tea, and he helped build a family hunting cabin that's pretty important to my dad. Also, Jager means hunter in German so the deer fits on a couple levels. 

Form-wise I don't think this is very cohesive yet...the deer and iced tea are a little too primitive compared to the scissors, and the fake engraving lines aren't really my style but I thought they might fit in this crest context.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, it's been great reading about other people's family history, and the videos were a blast to watch. 

edit: tried with a solid background vs. the faux engraved look

edit: can't ever decide on colors

edit: replaced their names with an air force insignia from the 1940s when my grandpa served 


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