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Samantha Renee

Illustrator/Graphic Designer



Ye, Three Mateys!

Well, I first started out making a pinterest board using reference on monster characters. Then I decided to go ahead and try a few pirate characters. I just might go ahead and make a few monster characters too. 

Here is my pinterest board I used for research.

Next I started my sketches using Ps and the brushes 

supplied everyone. I started out with the girl pirate then went on to the captian. Next I thought I'd add a skipper to the team. Together I thought they looked pretty bad ass!

Here's the shapes version:

Now for the final rendering:

Finally, I added them together with a background, overall I'm pleased with this!

Anyways, let me know what else I could do to improve on this project, other than that I had a blast doing this!


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