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I have dabbled a bit in lettering before, but this is the first time I have used vectors, and Illustrator, really. Partly because of that, I figured I would choose a pretty short word for my project, not to get overwhelmed and give up halfway, since I'm usually pretty bad at the sketching thing, and tend to jump straight ahead to inking it out. I went with a "Yay" for any squeal-worthy moments.

I am also rather attracted to the symmetry of the triangles in the word. I did not want it to get too rigid, however, so I wanted to join them with a softer line in the horizontal line of the A. I chose the bottom left one to take further, and tried a few different versions, with e.g. thinner lines and a shorter A-line...

...a more rounded shape...


...and one that was pretty much like the first version.

That one still seemed most like the direction I wanted to go in, so I scanned it in and started playing about in Illustrator. The shapes ended up a lot less symmetric and strict in the final version, which is, admittedly, partly just due to my inexperience with vector drawing, but I also like the slightly whimsical touch and would not want it too rigid anyway.

For the colours, I went with a happy and colourful scheme to further underline the joy of it. All in all, it's by no means perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it. This was such an inspiring class, and I learned a bunch!


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