Yay for Pattern Design!

Yay for Pattern Design!  - student project

    I just moved to Utah about six months ago so this pattern was inspired by the common animals and plants I see most often here. 

Yay for Pattern Design!  - image 1 - student project


          I tried to go with a more Scandinavian approach for the design because I admire that style and illustration is a definite weak area for me, so breaking the elements down to as simple of shapes as possible is very helpful. 

Yay for Pattern Design!  - image 2 - student project

Yay for Pattern Design!  - image 3 - student project

    I took Elizabeth's advice and decided to do some mockups with the pattern and I am SOOO happy that I did! I LOVE the iPhone cover and I have already had a friend ask for me to have one made for her! So cute!

Yay for Pattern Design!  - image 4 - student project

Yay for Pattern Design!  - image 5 - student project

**THANK YOU SO MUCH, Elizabeth! I have been teaching myself Graphic Design for about a year now. I was working in the medical field and going to school to eventually apply for Med school, when one day I realized, " I hate this. It doesn't make me happy and I do not look forward to any part of it. So what am I doing?"

It was people like you who make videos and classes that lead me to my passion. So I can't thank you enough! I think I might have fallen in love with surface pattern design! :)**