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Yarning for Love

I work for a Fair Trade knitwear company whose knits are all made out of 100% alpaca yarn.

I got this idea thinking about the knits and how they start out, which lead me to a ball of yarn.

I'm going to start with a ball of yarn sleeping / sitting near a magazine on a table, with a cup of coffee, half eaten something, etc to make it look like someone was at the table, reading, and potentially getting ready to knit.

Once the ball of yarn wakes up, he rolls over (unraveling a bit) to the magazine to take a look. On the page he sees a sweater (or some type of knitwear: scarf, beanie, etc) on a pretty girl / person and longs to be loved like that sweater.

This is where I am undecided but my first idea was:

The ball of yarn untangles himself and begins to outline the sweater on the page, then filling in the area where the sweater is. From there, the magazne closes, spins around or does some other magical trick, and out pops a sweater or something.

Still haven't completely flushed the ending out, might try what I've thought of and see how it goes!


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