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Laura Vlahovich

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Yarn Shop Apartment

Hello friends! Apologies for my late start, a family emergency took precedence last week. I'm making an effort to catch up to the group and hope it's not too late to contribute.


My name is Laura. I'm a 35 year old graphic and web designer with a passion for photography. I live in a light filled apartment above a yarn shop in a quaint tourist town. I share the space with my boyfriend, his two tiny dogs, my three tabby cats, and many houseplants. Even though we've rented a small storage unit, we're tight on space. I feel like our apartment is always half done, and I'm never quite satisfied with where things are placed. As a result, I rarely have friends over. I hope to ease up and remember that nobody's house is perfect.


This is the image I chose which demonstrates Justina's 8 Principles of Styling. They are Needs, Shape, Color, Pattern, Texture, Placement, Bling, and Botanicals.

I found this shot on Pinterest, but it was originally posted to www.bhg.com.


OK, so... this is embarassing and kind of depressing. I decided to take a photo exactly as my coffee table area looks. I was tempted to clean things up first, but what the heck.

As you can see, there is no coffee table! My boyfriend and I recently rented a storage unit and I kind of went crazy purging our extra stuff. And for some reason, I thought the coffee table should go too. The extra room gives our babies (2 dogs and 3 cats) more room to play. However, it gives the appearance that we haven't fully moved in, which is not the case.

I'll explain the before photo. The large boxy end table was built for me by my brother in exchange for cat sitting. It was originally intended to be a place for us to hide our dogs' potty pads from view. We have since decided that our dogs need to learn how to behave like real dogs and go potty outside, so now I use it to store my pouf. The table is painted and can be turned if we prefer to hide the opening. It can also be used as extra seating in a pinch.

The couch, which is really a love seat, came with the apartment. I do not love it. Someday I will by the couch of my dreams. Until then, this will do. We rarely sit on it and I don't care if the cats scratch it.

See the spot on the floor that looks like dirt? Yeah, it's dirt. My youngest cat is a hellion, and loves to destroy one plant in particular. He brings in bits and pieces from the deck, and sometimes drags the whole root ball into the living room. My cats are my babies so I put up with it.

Stay tuned for the after photo! I'm losing light and will post it tomorrow.


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