Sergey Yanovskiy

Digital Creative at Proximity BBDO



Yanovskiy Porfolio

This is my first designing wireframes and I was trying to imagine how my portfolio website would look like. 

First of all I thought about structure and decided that 4 sections - I WORK FOR FUTURE - would  be quiet enough.  


The first section - I - refers to my personal information including photo, about me, mobile phone number, social networks accounts and blog - to stay updated about my life. 


The second section - WORK - refers to simple static web page about my working experience and clients. 


The third and fourth sections - FOR & FUTURE - are kind of the same. I don't know if it's tactically right or wrong but I decided to split it because FOR refers to real project and FUTURE refers to concept project. 

You may see each project as an image with text block. By clicking on that mini-page appear above to look closer at project materials. 

Each mini-page may consist media block with project pics&videos above, text block to read project description horizontal scrollbar to switch between different materials.

I tried my best and I will read all the comments to improve my work. For future. 


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