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Yankee Doodle

Hi folks, my name is Steve, but my friends call me Griz.  Most of my work is done using classic 35mm film cameras, and in B&W almost exclusively.  For color work, I use my now ancient Nikon 5700, basically for family events, online photos, and casual shots around the house.  I chose this particular rose for my project due to its' importance to my missus.  Her late mother was a master grower, with multiple awards for her efforts.  After she passed, we had a very difficult time locating an example of this species locally.  My wife was discussing this situation with a close friend one evening, and several days later, we got a knock at the door, USPS, delivering two healthy little rose plants, all the way from Denver, to our home in the Mid-Atlantic region.  That's when the fun began, taking these small cuttings, and bringing them to maturity on a rocky Pennsylvania mountainside.  Sooooooo, that's the story.  I'm anxious to begin learning how to correctly PP my digital files, and look forward to any help and constructive criticism that may come my way!

Here is the file (portrait orientation), straight out of camera:

Landscape orientation file, straight out of camera:

Portrait cropped:

Landscape cropped:

Basic edits portrait:

Basic edits landscape:

Portrait - a little over sharpened, I think, but I didn't notice until after zooming in to use the clone tool, then couldn't figure out how to reduce sharpening once I got past that step.

Landscape cloned:

I didn't find any way to use the gradient tool on either photo that I liked.  I used the blur and dodge tools on the portrait orientation.  Couldn't think of any way to enhance the landscape photo with more blur.

Landscape w/hot spot burned in:

Portrait blur rework:

Portrait B&W w/grain filter:

Landscape B&W w/grain filter

Problematic edit, I went to the dark side with this one:

Portrait final edit, resized:

Landscape final edit, resized:

Well, it's been WAY too quiet around the old classroom lately, so I thought I'd add an actual landscape photo to the mix:

Straight out of camera:

And edited - straightened, cropped, levels adjusted, saturation bumped, and resized:

It was a windy day, as you can see from the water surface, but I held off firing the shutter between gusts as much as possible.


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