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Feb 03, 2013

A few new photos below:

  • Night street photo (1 photo)
  • Light-painting (3 photos)
  • Light-trail (1 photo)

>> Night Street Photo (iPhone)

Last Monday, a foggy night in Chicago. I took this when I was walking back home after watching Chris' first lecture and shooting with my friend Boom.

  • Subject: tree
  • Composition: rule of thirds - the tree, mood - walking on a misty path (pedway and street)
  • Ligthing: street lights


Camera: iPhone 4S

Edit: Snapseed and VSCOcam 

And this is the BW version. Thanks to street lights and fog I was able to find a clear contrast/get a clean BW night photo with my iPhone...

Camera: iPhone 4S

Edit: Snapseed and VSCOcam 

>> Light-Painting (DSLR)

This was a lot of fun. My friend Boom and I did some lightpainting at an unused (almost abandoned) floor of a hotel in downtown Chicago. We accidentally discovered this place... We had actually gone to this hotel to take advantage of top floor vantage point.

1) Smile for the camera!

Camera was set on a tripod for long exposure. My light sources were: 

  • White light: from my iPhone, flashlight app's light
  • Red light: Exit signs on the corners of the room

Camera: Nikon D90 - focal length: 24, f: 5.6, exposure time: 13 seconds, ISO: 200

2) LightSaber Battle 

This is our failed attempt at imitating a battle scene from Star Wars. We tried to use the light from our iPhones to create a lightsaber-like motion.

Camera: Nikon D90 - focal length: 24, f: 5.6, exposure time: 13 seconds, ISO: 200

3) ZeuS

A cool and fun thing to do with light-painting is drawing shapes/writing stuff.

I used to use ZeuS as my "tag" (nickname) when I used to do graffitti back in high school, so I wanted to bring back my memories. Spraying paint on walls is easier than doing light-painting on air, this is what I learnt :)


Camera: Nikon D90 - focal length: 24, f: 5.6, exposure time: 20 seconds (I needed more than 13 seconds to paint ZeuS), ISO: 200


>> Light-Trail (iPhone)

Cold night in downtown Chicago. It's cool to be able to do ligh trails with iPhone, however I wish the light colors didn't come out this pale.

Camera: iPhone 4S

App: SlowShutter - capture mode: Light trail - shutter speed: 15, sensitivity: 1



Jan 28, 2013

Hey class (greetings from Chicago),

I watched the lecture at my friend Boom's place. It's a foggy night in Chicago, so right after Chris finished his lecture, we stepped out and did a couple of trials on the street to make use of the fog.

On this photo I tried to establish the following:

subject: Boom

composition: symmetrical lines with Boom as center of attention

lighting: street lights and cars

camera: iPhone 4S

edited using: Snapseed and VSCOcam



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