Yakit - Make fun videos out of any picture!

Make an animated video using any picture in moments with your mobile phone

The App:

-  Choose a picture from your library, or take a new one. Then cut out the mouth using the simple-to-place dots and test to make sure you like how it's working.

-Then record your clip by talking while tapping the screen

-That's it! From the playback screen you can share to your friends, adjust your voice pitch, re-record, or start over completely.

Here's the sample video I made.

Beyond the app:
All videos made using our app will be hosted on our server and the video will be given a unique link which will act in all ways like a Youtube sharing link. You will be able to share these links directly from the app to Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email, etc. They will also be on our own in app feed. 

The videos will differ from your standard internet video in that after the video they will become a light web application. The viewer can make their own video response using the image they just watched, and then is prompted to download the app themselves.

Viral Map

Step 1 - Players

  1. Users (iPhone/iPod owners)
  2. Video Consumers
  3. Social Networks
  4. Brands/Partners

Step 2 - Selfish Reasons to Share

[In progress]


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