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Yaani - Islamic Art for babies

Hi Everyone,
Pretty nervous and  intimated to show you guys my first draft but here it goes! (I was pretty dreadful in my Art classes in Germany, urgh!)

Before I begin, I’m really enjoying the style of teaching and it’s helping me to learn a lot about typography so thank you very much Evan!

My project is combined with a start-up art business which I like to create online. It’s called ‘Yaani’ named after my son Ayaan and I believe they could be a market for Islamic Artwork for babies and young children.

I composed a creative brief and essentially, I believe the target audience will be professional Muslim mums who like to decorate their children’s bedrooms with all-things relating to Islam. The idea is to infuse both Western and Eastern values in the drawings which would sit well in modern bedrooms.

Therefore I like the logo to have a feminine touch because professional mums are going to be the target-audience who will buy these products; so why not create a logo which would attract them to the site?
So here is my first draft!

Guys, no beating around the bush! So please be as direct and as critical as you want to be, I have lived in Germany, so I will not take offense! J

Thank you.



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