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YUM HEALTHY: Acai bowl basics and tips


Eating healthy is important to me, but enjoying my food is too. Acai bowls have filled both these requirements offering a sweet treat (sometimes meal depending on size) filled with all sorts of energy, immune, and healing boosts for my body.  In this class you will learn how to blend up an awesome Acai bowl, plus learn tips and tricks to keep things cool and flavorful.

Get excited for something YUM HEALTHY!


Indulge in your own Acai bowl creation.


Pull out the blender and show us da money with your very own custom take on the Acai bowl.  You've got the basics, now liven things up by throwing in some flavor and color! Maybe you want to take things all natural, add some tropical brightness, or beef things up with some protein powder. Whatever you decide we'd love to hear about it and FOR SURE see your bowl!


Share your Acai bowl. A finished project includes:

  • A photo of your Acai bowl
  • Your recipe


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