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YOUTH as reflected in My Hairsrtyles

Originally, I set about an expedition of discovery. I wrote down about a million ideas - like 8 ways to Die or Excuses my Twins Gave me for Not Cleaning Their Room.

Here are some early thoughts:


Next I picked a few and decided to thumbnail them out a bit:


Above: "Why I don't Care What My Neighbors Think"

Below: "You're Going to Die" - Weird Ways to Die


Finally, I decided on Hair - Hair I would never have - which is many. Then hair I have had but shouldn't - which is also many, and finally: Hair of My Youth.


Which turned into this:



I started by taking a few pics of myself pulling a variety of faces (because I wanted to poke fun at me, not someone else today.) Then I removed my hair, converted them to grayscale, and haftoned them, all digitally, because, honestly, it looked cool to me.

Then I sketched out some hairstyles. Some turned out better than others, but these were the best 6. Then drew up the hair background for the cover, drew up some of the text  -- the building blocks of my Zine!  I then scanned all of this hand drawn stuff in and vectorized them to make them easy to clean up and reproduce.

After some tweaking, placement, and colorizing in the computer, I printed out this little gem you see before you. The final zine is designed for a 2-color press or screen printing. I intentionally left the registration out of alignment to suggest it had been printed on a real press and to ensure it has the not-perfect look.

It only took me a couple hours and I had a lot of fun doing it... In fact, I can't wait to make one of my other ideas into a zine... The possibilities are endless!

Here she is all folded up:







Thanks for viewing! :D

So, what do you like and what don't you like and what do you think can be improved...

Oh! And have a fantastic day!


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