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YOUNG GURU X DAVIN - No REGRETS (Original Composition) My Class project for "Sound Check: The Essentials of DIY Audio Mixing"

Listen to Full Track Here..

Hi Classmates,

So i got onto the class a little late, hope all of you are doing great! I have been listening to most of your songs and i think you guys are awesome, some of you should enable comments on your projects so that we can Chat!

Okay here is my Project for this Class..


BPM: 120


DESCRIPTION: This is a fully written song and has lyrics and vocals already set, but for class purposes I                           Have only included the beat as produced, so its structured and Intro-Chorus-Rap verse-                           Chorus-Rap verse- Chorus and Outro..

When i started the class, I had no idea what I was going to do to submit, so after a few minutes as YOUNG GURU Is talking I opened Up a blank ABLETON LIVE SESSION and dailed in a few drum beats at 160 BPM, as he talked about mixing the Kick


Am usually a fan of just mixing as i go along, but at some point i stopped the Playback and continued to make the Record into The night.. Later on I changed the BPM to 120 and the groove came in..

As i understand most of us are students and have other real life classes, so I hadnt been to class here for a while and i kept on working on this record in my Free time.. So i came back to finish the online class and had already progressed the Record i had started here to this..


So Now i can submit it and see what you guys think..

Listen to Full Track Here

Any feedback let me know, and Hope to interact and collaborate with some of you guys on a project or two.. Okay! Here from you soon, bye love you! 


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