So Dale Carnegy says in his best selling self help book "How to win friends and influence people" (and I paraphrase) That a person's favorite sound is the sound of their own name.

I chose the word "YOU!" for this lesson - everyone likes that word... (Maybe it will get me more "likes")

In hindsight I probably should have not used a pen to draw this, but I was really excited to start. So grabbed a pen started drawing!!  


Layed down the background texture. Hope to paint the letters tomorrow.


Beautiful day today. Such a great day to paint. 
The first few layer sure where ugly. Like Mr. Jeff said, these paintings go through some ugly stages. 

I enjoyed adding all the layers, but was eager to get the "final" layer on. 

The shadow was tricky for me. I had to do it a bunch of times. I'm still not sure if it's correct. But all in all I was happy with this painting. 

my son thought he'd like to walk on my painting while I tried to photograph it.

Thanks Jeff - "YOU" taught a great class


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