YOSEMITE: The Valley and Beyond

YOSEMITE: The Valley and Beyond - student project

A few years ago, I visited Yosemite National Park- and WOW if you have never been there you need to go. One of the best experiences of my life.

Anyway, I chose Yosemite as the theme for this project, incorporating my own photographs and  creating this article using text from a Wikipedia entry on the park. I went through several versions before I was mostly happy with my finished project. I used Didot bold for the title (giving it that solid and majestic-yet-graceful  mountain vibe) and a mix of Helvetica for the body text.

Version 1

I started with this design, but I didn't like how my leftmost image didn't align with the text, and the images felt too similar.

YOSEMITE: The Valley and Beyond - image 1 - student project

Version 2

Here I put a more appropriate image on the right page, and made it full bleed to convey the expanse of the park, giving more weight to the "...and beyond" part of my title. I also used a colorful image at the bottom to give more variation to the images.

YOSEMITE: The Valley and Beyond - image 2 - student project


Version 3

I flipped pages, feeling that it was more appropriate to open with a view of the park, getting the reader in the right "mood" so to speak, before continuing to read the article.

YOSEMITE: The Valley and Beyond - image 3 - student project


Version 4 /final? I didn't like the size of the left margin on the right page, but I liked how the images on the right sat. In this  version, I took the text off of the main image in put it in that margin to try and fill the gap. 

YOSEMITE: The Valley and Beyond - image 4 - student project


I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. I'd appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer on my project - good or bad. God bless; and have fun designing! :)