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UPDATE: 8/11/13

Wanted opinions on a slogan I made up using the initials YORO. "You're Only Remembered Once" so live your life and enjoy what you have.  Just came to my mind and wanted to share. Like I said before, the slogan I haven't committed to any yet but figured this may be a start. Thanks in advance on the feedback!


After posting 6 different names, I got it down to 3.  After couple days of debating and friends input.  Just going by my last name was enough.  So I chose YORO.

This name is in it for the long term.  I've done short term before and have learned from it.  

I haven't decided on a slogan just yet. I am however, going with a quote from a song by Bob Marley.  "In this great future, you can't forget your past".  I chose this quote for now because I couldn't come up with the perfect slogan yet but when I hear this, it says a lot in what I want to do with this brand.

YORO is created because I wanted to share with others about where I'm from, Kauai.  Kauai is the oldest island of all the Hawaiian islands.  Kauai is a representation of what TRUE Island life is about.  Everyone helps each other out.  Most things close around 9pm, some of the greatest surfers in the world are from Kauai.  It's nature at it's finest and it's a great feeling to be from there. I'm doing this to also preserve the history of what my parents and my grandparents had to endure for me and future generations to have a better future.  I'm a huge fan of preserving the past and I admit, I'm a sucker for holding on to old stuff.  

YORO is long term because I'm not looking to make a ton of money off of it.  I'm looking to also make it only available on Kauai at certain shops throughout the island.  Which means my market is limited to the very few who actually make it to that island.  But what's important is, is when you eventually make it there, you see my design, you know that Kauai was the only place you can get it from.  Once that happens, it creates the memory, it creates the story.  That's what this brand is really about, to share with people who are from Kauai or have visited Kauai what the island is about and what it used to be like. 


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