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Damar Evelyn

Illustrator and Co- owner of The Yello Sticka




NAME: Damar Evelyn

LOCATION: Barbados, West Indies

BRAND:  Yello Sticka   ( yell-ow stic- kah)

SLOGAN: Creativity Requires Courage


WHAT WE DO:  Yello Sticka is about fusing our design style and some good old  classic Bajan (Barbadian) concepts and reworking them into "Dope" new designs. Also trying to meet the challenge of  connecting fashion and Art. Our Designs are heavily illustration based for no other reason except that I love to draw and illustrate and I feel this one of the brands strong points. Ultimately we want to showcase what our island is about, repping where your'e from. We felt that Barbados needed a brand to call its own, something that represents us. We're just guys from the caribbean doing what we love and we really want to be that brand from this part of the world to make dent/crater in the world scene.


               In 2009 my friend Chad and I decided to create our own streetwear brand, since we felt we had something to offer the market here in Barbados. In case your wondering where Barbados is it's the proud hometown of mega superstar Rihanna, located in the Caribbean.

            So it's 2009 and we both play soccer/football and we were getting ready to travel but I couldn't as yet as I was to complete a medical. The doctor put a yellow sticker next to my name because of this and Chad upon hearing about it made fun as most friends do and called me yellow sticker until it got removed. I ran the name by him during discussions for a name and we doped it up a bit and Yello Sticka was born.  I had previous basic knowledge from Secondary School/High School but I hadn't drawn anything in 5 years since then, so before starting out sketches I got my game back up to speed with heavy research and practice. I immersed myself in art and street culture for the next couple of years I read and watched material online, taught myself design software and researched brands like: STAPLE, LRG, 10 DEEP, JOHNNY CUPCAKES, SUPREME, BBC/ICECREAM, BAPE to name a few. Also artists like KAWS , POSE MSK  and basically the entire graffiti and comic book art forms played a vital part in my development as an artist ad designer.

       Fast forward couple years to 2011 and we put out our first logo.  The student sticker logo. At the time we were both in university so we came up with a design that embodied how we dressed and pieces we liked in general.

The second one is the one we decided to run with up untill this skillshare class. Here 

A year later we put out our first collection entitled ' Good Enough On A Bad Day". Below are the designs featured for that launch( and some that didn't) along with a brief description. 

First up we did a basic logo tee.


The SNOWCONES TEE:  Snowcones are a treat from the young to old in Barbados that everyone enjoys so we decided to design a tee dedicated to it.



PARK RANGER TEE:  The concept for this tee was inspired by someones occupation on facebook. It said : Park Ranger at WIsh a Ni**a wood. Almost immediately I thought to myself this would make a cool tee design. 




NML ( National Marbles League) : Inspired by the NBA and MLB type logos, I created a logo for a hypothetical league of our own. Paying homage to another classic pass time pitching marbles using 2 colors of our flag . Check it out below. 

Go Stickas! Sweatshirt: The pelican is a bird even tho now rarely seen on the island is a symbol and is found on the Barbadian coat of arms. So we made a fan gear mascott based on the pelican. You could also find a tattoo of our flag on the pelicans arm..

Some of the designs that weren't produced..

Good Enough On A Bad Day : Some Photo Shoot Visuals Below 

Also here is a link to the short video we did that day when all the crew came through.

    I want to talk about the STUPSE ( say schoops)  snapback seen on a model in the shoot visuals. That first started out as a project I did on my own which was inspired by the ILLEGAL and SILENCE hats done by Black Scale and really liked those hats.Also the Don C snakeskin hats were an inspiration. So I wanted to relate it back to home so i decided to use the word STUPSE. People saw it from the visuals and liked it so much we made some for the wider public and it was a hit.

STUPSE: its really a sound made my by sucking your teeth while pushing your mouth up and here its used to show your displeasure at something. Often times its seen as rude , something you wouldn't dare do while talking to mom and dad. 

Original Snap

Product Images


PACKAGING : We sold each piece of the collection in pizza boxes since we wanted a cool way to improve the buyers experience and it was well recieved. Also  free stickers were included with purchases.


Now after this collection we did a evalution of the brand itself and along with this skill share class we made some decisions to make some changes to our logo. 

We dropped the student icon since we felt it wasnt the best option and introduced an new wordmark and icon.

For our new icon is the FlyingFish as seen below. Flying fish are part of out national dish and is seen on the dollar coin. To this day many people still make a living in the fishing industry and these fish have played a major role in building livelihoods of many in Barbados. So we decided that this should be our new icon going forward as it is a true Barbadian icon.

New Logos


KIA Soul Branding.

Some Potential designs for this season..

We always wanted to put out some All over print products but we didn't have the opportunity to do it  but this year we found a way to make it happen.

Paradise Tee: This is inspired by flowers found on the island of national significance.

STUPSE Coin Tee:  We wanted to take the STUPSE concept a little further and tried it on a tee, with a facial expression of the stupse.


CAMO: Our take on the ever popular camo print using our new icon.

Street King Card Tee: A spin on the usual King found in card collections. For this tee i researched playing card design and established card makers such as Bicycle and Theory 11. Still A work in Progress..

                 FRONT                                                     BACK   

Buy Local Tank : Paying homage to the snowcone vendors, this tank top features an all over print of a doped out snowcone cart.

STUPSE Hat : When the hat first debuted only a few were made and a lot of people were disappointed they couldn't get a hat, so we plan to release a newer version of the hat in 2 colorways and with a side logo..

Accessories: Mock ups of keyrings and pins 

Letterman Special:  A draft off how we would go about designing a letterman Jacket. Featuring a variant of our flying fish logo and a patch carrying our slogan on the sleeve.  Hopefully we are able to produce one in 2014.

Sticker pack


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