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YCM Flexible Real Estate Business Coaching

Coaching means getting support in growing your Real Estate business. Yet many Coaching programs are expensive, don't include much, and don't fit your real estate business's unique needs.  

Your Coaching Matters' Flexible Coaching let's you pick exactly how much or little support YOUR business needs.  Our average full time client last year earned over $225,000.  21% over last year.  We love helping our clients learn, grow, and profit!

Contact us for a quote.  We guarantee you'll be surprised at how little it costs... and how very much you get for that investment. 

Homework Lesson 1 - 

The business model

Contact real estate agents that wish to grow their business

Present our services & sign them up

Set up recurring biling

Send all materials and tools we will use by mail (Binder) and email

Add to the Flexibile Coaching Email list

Provide outstanding Group Calls to help move their business forward

Offer Private Coaching sessions with Accredited YCM Coaches on a regular basis for individualized support

Offer Discounted services for Part Time or Full Time Coaching if appropriate

Ask for referrals as their business improves


Company Assets & Human Resources

Computer, cell phone, unlimited long distance service for all Coaches

Home offices for all Coaches

4 Coaches Accredited, or in the process of accredidation, by the Academy for Coaching Excellence and the ICF - which no other Real Estate company has to our knowledge

7+ years of Coaching Experiece as a Coach for 3 Coaches; 3 years for the 4th Coach

20+ years of Coaching Experience as Coaching Clients by all Coaches

Part Time Admin Assistant

Part Time Accounting Assistant

Part Time Graphics Design Artist

Outside Services of a Web Designer

Outside Services of a Programmer

Description of our Client

Our typical client is a Real Estate Agent, or portion of a real estate Team, with some experience and a personal or team section goal of 18-250 transactions per year.

They will learn tools that move them forward from Visionary reality into Physical reality. From whatever level they are at, to the next step forward toward where they want to be in terms of their businesses.

Our avearge part time client earned over $120K in 2013 and average full time client earned over $250K.  Flexible Coaching allows a client to choose the number and frequency of their Coaching and since this is a first year, we will track the average income of this new Model in our company.

What part of this is hard?

Finding clients willing to invest in and have faith in our program.

What is unique about this offering is the flexibilty.  One call a week, twice a month, once a quarter, twice year.  The flexibilty of choosing your level of service is unique. The level of education and effectiveness of our Coaches is also unique. We know of no other company that offers what we do with Accredited, Experienced Coaches and average incomes of our existing cilents at this level.

We will repeat the servies we offer with twice weekly Group coaching calls.  We will repeat finding clients by offering webinars, classes, advertising... and asking existing clients for referrrals of others to the new program. 


I am a hybid of Freelancer and Entreprenuer.  I do work and a hire people to do work. As a freelancer:

  • Ensure a steady stream of work

Ask for personal referrals; Create a database of Agents that indicate interest and email them offers; Create and run free webinars & paid classes; Post on social media sites to get people used to seeing our name and sound intelligent in our posts; have a website and FB page and LI page for people to find us there and blog or write on those pages often.

  • Create an environment where you don't go crazy and melt

Hire other coaches to take on part of the weekly group calls; Hire assitants to handle items I don't have to do; Leave space in my calendar; Plan time off/vacations; Take lunch break every day; Stop working most days by 6pm; Do yoga; Diversify by attending Networking meetings weekly/monthly; have Date-nights and fun time off with kids.

  • Consistently raise your prices, increase the quality of your work and generate a waiting list for your time (at the same time).

Just raised my prices this week for the first time. Added MM groups and a LIve Event as a improvement of Quality.  Completing my ACE Coaches Accredidation training improving Quality and justify my price increase.  I don't have a waiting list... need to think about that.

If you're an entrepreneur, write down how you will:

  • Relentlessly hire people to delegate work to

I could hire more coaches and staff.

  • Give yourself a promotion so you are constantly doing work you're unable to hire anyone else to do

Hard for me to see myself in that role. I think I"d rather have an office manager and do more coaching.

  • Build an organization that has the cash flow to permit you to do those two things...

That requires more full time clients, less PAYE clients, and at the new prices.


Create a page or more that answers the following questions as completely as you can:

Do you need money for this business? 

I need about $3000/month for expenses and staff.

Does more money increase the chances you will reach positive cash flow? Profitability?

Not really.

What are the assets the money will go to pay for?  N/A

How long before the money invested starts turning into money returned?  N/A

Do you hope to sell this company?  N/A

When? N/A

For how much? N/A

What is the gross margin of what you'll be selling? N/A

How long will it take you to reach scale? N/A

Given all this, and what you learned in the video, what sort of funding are you seeking? Why would this investor choose your offering over all the others available?


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