YAY! Purple Girl poketbook

Hi everybody,

I really love sketching and a poket-size notebook's a good way to keep drawing wherever you are. 

So I decided to try and make one. I did it during break time at my work.It took me about a hour in total. 


I used white print paper, gray drawing paper and one sheet of craft paper for the middle.


Craft paper again (but different texture and a little bit thicker) for the cover + the saddle stitch method looks really cute! Cleaning up was a difficust part as I'm not a perfectionist. 


I wanted it look more funny after all cleaning up works so I deciced to add a stamp on the cover. I draw this random girl and create a stamp (it's quite a long process and if you want I can tell you how I do it), used transfer-ink to paint it. 

Aaand, finished work:


I love how it looks in the end!Could be more accurate though.

The process was easy and fun, I will defenately try different variations of shapes, covers and papers for my next books. 

Thank you for the lesson!

(I didn't write in English a logn time, hope where're not to many mistakes) 


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