Frank Quiroz

Founder ,YAVF & CO.



YAVF & CO ( Journey Tee)


  In this project we used the wolf for the front of the tee because the wolf has an appetite for freedom, even though we see ourselfs as civilized citizens we are still animals within our own wild spirit . when you are Yearning A Valued Figment your mind has an appetite for freedom. You want to keep on driving towards your journey of finding a purpose you created in your mind.( thats why we included an empty road on the back of the tee). on the back of the tee we added a space theme with an added "Big Dipper  " in colored dots( Red and blue ) , with a full moon  in the graphic. We want to innovate the youth and by doing that we thought of those stars within the ursa major.The same way the youth learns to recognize the big dipper in the sky we want to show a message that if you can follow the stars then your dreams are possible  . The moon on the back of the tee makes a strong connection with the wolf and you as a person . Communicate with those in your pack to help you with your challenges , use the full moon to get in touch with your expressions 





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