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Mali Masinga

Small but mighty!




Life got in the way of starting this project, but I live by the principle "Better late than never"

I decided to go with the reaction "Yassssss". My friends and I use all the time when we get excited. It's meant to be LOUD, sassy and very enthuisiastic.

These are my sketches so far, and I have decided which one I will be animating.


I then started tracing. I want the rays to grow looking like exclamation points. I couldn't get a hold of tracing paper (the joys of living in a foreign country) so I used tissue paper. I also have no scanner, so I will have to work on taking better photographs.


Now to animate...


It still needs a lot of refinement in the type treatment.

Although late, I decided to upload my final project in any case.


I changed the colours and added more "a" s in order to really convey the "yaaas".



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