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Yê Saudável

Hey guys!

I think I've joined the class a little bit late, but I hope you can help me how to improve Food Photography skills =)

It was my first time shooting food at a restaurant and I choose a really nice place called Yê Saudável a delicious place here in Santos, Brazil.

Let's go to the lunch:

1 - Italian Bruschetta - Italian bread, Buffalo mozzarella, Tomatoes and basil with olive oil and Magnus Draft Beer

2 - Risotto: Brie Cheese Risotto with Red Wine Reduction

3 - Dessert - Ganache Chocolate Pie with Nuts and Strawberry.

It was really dificulty to create nice and smooth compositions, besides that, my camera is not a full frame gear and my fastest aperture is F3.5. The table we took was well lighted, but some clouds made the room a litte bit dark sometimes and I have some troubles to create a scene with that light.

Canon 70D - Aperture F3.5 

Thats all folks, I hope you like it.


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