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Xplor or Phluid or Freshe - still trying to find the right name.

My Story - Have you ever seen the most beautiful crystal clear water, so clean you can hardly tell it's there, or the most vibrant colors of all the fish among a living coral reef or maybe the pristine sugar white sand of a tropical island.  Well so have I and I want to keep those those ecosystems in that manner so I've spent my life trying to solve the problem one particularly persistent form of pollution - Vinasse - the near black, viscous, acidic, life sucking by product of rum production.    I am going to treat vinasse so the coral, the beaches and the streams do not have the life snuffed from them. 

Xplor is the culmination of a lifes work focused on creating value from waste, specifically waste fluids from production factories.  The production of rum which has been evloving since the mid 1700's is practiced all around the globe and in all cases the by product, vinasse is extremely environmentally harmfull.    Rum production is considered the 17th most polluting industry in the world.

Xplor has a filed for patent for a process to clean up the by product of rum and tequila production known as vinasse.  Xplor has a dedicated team comprised of scientists, process engineers and a fermentation experts.   The intellectual property Xplor owns is the first patent application to identify the source of the pollution and a cost affective method to treat it. To the best our knowlege we have not been able to find a single published paper or patent application addressing the problem as we have been able to do.  

Xplor's customers are distilleries that produce rum from molasses and tequila distilleries using Agave as the feed stock and are looking for solutions to the vinasse pollution produced in their distilleries.  

Distilleries that work with Xplor have the opporutnity to integrate a solution that not only cleans up the pollution but significantly improves their bottom line and starts to reverse the genreations of environmental damange.  Distillery customers are also going to be owners in Xplor to better capitalize on the technology outside of rum and tequila and share in the long term success of the company.

The process for treating the vinasse is unique, it is a process patent.  Each distilleries will have sublte differences in the amount of chemistry required and size of tanks and pump needed but the overlying process is repeatable and protected.   


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