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Gino Cruz





Xplizit is a clothing company based out of Sacramento, CA. It all started with a group of friends back in high school that were tired of seeing every one rock all the same big name brands. Instead of conforming, they decided to produce their own dope threads for the group to wear. The gear started  a buzz around the school and  people started to ask about Xplizit.  Soon after, Xplizit was available  to the public. High school came to an end and the group went their separate ways but  one of the original founders, Gino Cruz, decided to follow his dreams of having his own clothing company. Due to his hard work and support from the local market, Xplizit is on its way to becoming a respectable name brand. 

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Instagram @xplizitclothing

Twitter @xplizitclothing

Website. www.xplizitclothingco.com

This is a small project we dropped early summer. The project was based aroundthe sport of hunting. Project name "Gone Hunting". The idea of the project came to me when i took a week hunting trip.

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