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Jennifer De Luca

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Xi'An Night Market - China

My name is Jennifer De Luca, my Instagram handle is @jetsetbrunettephotography

On a recent trip to China I visited the city of Xi'An (Shaanxi Province) which is rich in culturally significant history. The reason for my trip was to view and photograph The Terracotta Army which is located on the outskirts of the city. 

Seeing The Terracotta Army and learning the story behind this unbelievable discovery was amazing but the unexpected gem of the trip was the local night markets. In my travels I have visited lots of street markets but these have to be amongst the best I ever been to. 

These markets are located in the Muslim quarter and are called the Beiyuanmen Night Market. There is a plethora of yummy street food for anyone that loves food on a stick, who doesn't like food on a stick! Make sure you come to this market with a pocket full of cash, a hungry belly and an empty memory card. The food was extraordinary and the photo opportunities were plentiful. 






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