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XLontrax's Early Morning Sketchnoting Routine

Habit Loop 2.0 Dec, 05 - FINAL - Mission Accomplished!!!

Here are the results of my Habit Personality Types test

Type 1: Upholder 7 Extremely strong tendency
Type 2: Questioner 6 Very strong tendency
Type 3: Rebel 0 No tendency
Type 4: Obliger 6 Very strong tendency

Why I did sign up for this class?

I must be honest: it was curiosity, at the begin, then I realized this was what I was looking for to put some order in thi particular conjuncture of my life in which I'm sacrificing my personal time.

What has been the most consistent good habit in the past?

Tai Chi Chuan! I used to do the whole routine (108 movements) once a day.

Keystone Habit

Draw a Sketchnote each day during breakfast
(first thing in the morning)

1st Trigger:

iPad on the breakfast table.
It's already a habit; I swipe through new sipping my first coffee 

2nd Trigger:

Sticky note on the mugs shelf.
Also this is already a habit: as picking a mug is mandatory to drink my coffee I use to put reminders on the shelf

1st Reward

Share on Twitter

Reward 2nd

Print out a copy to hang on the wall in front of the breakfast table

This is great: watching Reminders video I realized I completely misunderstood the concept of Trigger.

Given this, what I stated as triggers are actually reminders so:


1st: Breakfast

2nd: after pouring the secon mug of coffee


1st: iPad on the breakfast table

2nd: sticky note on mugs shelf

Small Wins

1. Make a Sketchnote

2. Draw a doodle

3. Practice handwritten typography writing a sentence

4. Write the current date


- If I don't sketchnote in the morning I'll do not have enough time during the day

- My mind is more responsive and creative at breakfast rather then after dinner

- Sketchnote is about Ideas, not Art. Make the most out from the time you have.

- You can't draw a single line that dosn't has a meaning

- Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication


- Place iPad and stylus on the breakfast table

- In case of low battery, make sure a notebook/paper and pencils are on the counter

Habit Tracking

- Success: posts on twitter :-)


- Asked my wife to mock me online each time a skip a daily sketchnote

Nov 24th - Update

Hi all!

The prj is going well, I successfully coped with the daily task so far. I must say that I've already some things I'll change in the original habit loop. 

First of all I have to say "You where very right about printing, Tiago!!!".

Second thing is my choice to do it at breakfast. More in the final report.

Nov 26th - Update

I fell short of ideas this morning and started to think about this prj trying to make a step out of myself and to see the whole process objectively. Here are my reflections.


Moreover, I added a different reward/tracking system publishing a section on my website dedicated to this prj. http://sketchnotes.it/03-portfolio/design_your_habits

Dec, 5th - Update

Ok, I did it! I'm very happy and I must say it was a very good experience. I published the full Habit Loop 2.0 at the top of this page.


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