Wycinanki | Skillshare Projects

Robin McGill

Artist + Illustrator





I am in Krakow, Poland right now and I was feeling very inspired by the shapes of wycinanki folk art that is made from cutting paper into different shapes. Chickens, flowers and leaves feature heavily in these designs. I did some research on Google images for referencing while I worked on this project in Adobe Illustrator. I used a light drop shadow under some of the shapes to hint towards the depth you would see behind the layers of paper but I did not end up adding any other textures because I currently don't have access to Adobe Photoshop. 

I mostly used the pen and shape builder tools. I used a bit of pathfinder and lots of reflect/rotate. 

I am planning to take the Adobe Illustrator Textures class next so maybe I will be able to revise this image after I learn more about adding texture with Illustrator.

This was a fun project and I liked working with symmetry, that really helped to build the image quickly. 


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