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Wyatt's Patagonia Marketing breakdown



Ever since I can remember, probably going all the way back to age 5, Patagonia has been a timeless clothing brand, it just never seems to go out of style.  Patagonia has positioned themselves as the ‘cool’ outdoor company, and uses simplicity in design, their authentic and long standing record, and eco friendly branding to keep bringing customers back in.  It is a brand that many have followed, and attempted, to recreate a similair business model but to my knowledge have not done it nearly as well, Cherokee, Columbia, LL Bean, and several others do not seem to stand up to Patagonia’s reputation.



Although Patagonia is slightly more expensive (Buying a ‘Better Sweater’ is usually over $100), it is that same price that reinforces the feeling of authenticity, in addition to the overall quality of the piece of clothing you decide to buy.  When you spend $100 with Patagonia, you are making an investment in higher quality clothing, as they make a product that will last a lifetime.  My dad has several quarter zips from the brand that are from the 1980’s, and they still look good and are still in style even to this day.  Furthermore, Patagonia frequently runs seasonal sales, which helps with the sometimes steep price point.  



Patagonia’s stores are usually located in outdoorsy, active, and young regions, targeting an audience that feels young, adventurous, and active.  Off the top of my head, I have seen Patagonia stores in every ‘hip’ city I have been to; Salt Lake, NYC, Chapel Hill, Georgetown, and countless others.  The ads they run are featured in classy places and classy magazines, so that on a subconscious level we associate the brand with other upscale brands.  When one walks into a Patagonia store, they often give either an incredibly authentic beach feeling our mountain feeling, with the clothes displayed in an eye catching style that promotes easy shopping.  


What is terrific about Patagonia is that the brand doesnt even need to self advertise anymore; it has become a huge fashion trend that has been hip since the 1970’s.  Just the other day my friend was talking about a ‘huge’ sale with Patagonia (40% off) and how he was going to buy several pieces of their clothing with fall rapidly approaching, and if any of us wanted to join in on his shipping order.  In return, myself and about 3 of my friends then took his computer and placed our own orders, excited to get some awesome new gear but at a greatly reduced price than is normal.  When it becomes cool for a dorm room full of boys to pull out credit card information because one person talks about a sale, then you have successfully branded yourself to the point that the product does all the talking.  This is why Patagonia’s ads are often understated, simple, and not grabbing your attention, because if you know anything about anything then you already know that they sell a terrific product.   


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