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~ You are traveling for work and realize your grandmothers birthday is in three days. What a hassle to find a drugstore and post office among all the business meetings.

~ You are in college and its your parents anniversary next week. How to send them a card without leaving your dormroom.

~ You are in the military deployed overseas and don't really trust that your nephews graduation card will arrive on time from the country you are in.

~ You own a business and need to send out 50 Holiday cards to loyal customers. You are not looking forward to the hand cramps.

~ You went to a card making meetup and one of the cards you made came out beautiful. But no one will ever buy from you on Etsy with just one thing for sale.

~ You are an avid weekend card hobbyist and would like to create an additional revenue stream. But you don't want to get a booth at craft festivals, or try to brand yourself on websites that are saturated with so many hand made products.

There is a need for hand made and hand signed greeting cards that will be hand mailed by a responsible third party.

Introduce WrittenCards.com. A double-sided handmade greeting card marketplace where the seller will handsign and mail your card within 24hrs directly to your recipient, using your address as the return address. And no one will be the wiser.


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