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Writing, scribbling and tearing shit up

I did not know what to expect from this course. First I just took some notes, but later on I decided to actually commit to the lessons and create my personal manifesto. What I didn't expect is that I got to know myself a little bit better..

Thinking about what is important to me got me realizing I did not know for myself what really matters. So I made a list. A list with all the things I could think of I thought they would be important to me. This happened to be much harder than I thought, but I did it!


I noticed I didn't want to scribble the page fully dark, because I thought it would be a pity when the marker died. Interesting thought. I pushed myself a little to go on scribbling, but eventually I stopped when I thought the page was filled enough. Learned something, good enough for now.


Tearing the paper apart in like a million pieces was satisfying. Loved it.

Now putting all the things in one envelope and hide it for myself for like a couple of years. I'm curious about my reaction when the time comes I open it.


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