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Writing in a Tiny Space

As you can see, I have an incredibly small space to work in. This is because I rent a room in a house. It is just a good size bedroom that also serves as kitchenette and living space. I literally only have space for two chairs: A glider that belonged to my grandmother, and a rocking chair that belonged to a friend of the family and is at least 25 years old. I refuse to give them up <3


I have this small 'table', that isn't really. It folds up to save space, though I keep it set up in front of the closet door when not in use. It holds only a few things, in sort of a cramped way. I suppose I could take everything but the laptop and the project notebook/planner I am working with off the tables, so it wont feel so cramped.

What is on it right now?


1. My 2015 Create Your Shining Year Life & Biz Edition Workbook by Leonie Dawson. The page it is open to is Joyous July, and it includes my tarot reading results for the month and four running lists: What goals did you achieve in July? Any unplanned successes? What goals will you go for in August? What do you need to do to make it happen?

2. My wall calendar, which I don't even want to hang. It is tattered, but it has items I need to work on each day of each month in order to reach my ultimate goals for the year. It also notes three semi-major goals for each month. There are also plenty of white space days - days that I do not work toward the major goals. Break days, sort of. Even though I may work on blog or channel posts on those days. The calendar also notes a few personal, household, and other goals such as visit with my daughter up north, visit with my daughter, son-in-law, and new grandbaby down south, pick up frames for the pictures that need to be hung, etc. Each month has a day blocked out at the end for planning the next month. (See # 3)

3. My planner. The notebook with the tabs. The tabs split the pages of this sturdy notebook into a section per month. Everything I have to accomplish is listed within a set month, and I also list nonfiction writing ideas that I hope to get done that month. I may not accomplish everything I hope to get done, but those items can be moved to the next month during my end-of-the-month planning day.

4. My fiction writing notebook. Another sturdy one. I put writing prompts as well as my own ideas into this notebook, sometimes expanding on an idea with somewhat detailed notes. When I want to get truly creative, I work on a new story.


And this horribly blurry picture is the notebook that outlines my current nonfiction manuscript. I am putting this manuscript together for the freelance blog readers, and anyone else who will want to read it. I am thinking of putting it on Amazon. Much of my planning for the past couple of months has been based on getting this manuscript written and published.

All this means that I have to do a lot during my week, so I have to manage my time accordingly. I had to learn to make book covers and other graphics last month, and am learning about self-publishing, as well as doing most of my writing during an average of 2 few hour days and 2 long writing days a week. (I have a day/night job.)


And this is my source of natural light. It is a huge window in my room, directly across from the glider where I sit to do my writing. I love all the plants, and am usually burning at least one candle.

And this is along the lines of my dream office.


Found on Pinterest, it has plenty of natural light and storage space. I think the drawers below the wondow seat could be turned into file holders easily enough, and the chairs look so comfortable.

My writing goals for the class: 4 blog posts and 1 channel post per week, as well as 1,500 to 2,000 words per long writing day on whatever manuscript I am working on.


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