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Writing ideas

I have several ideas for a funny story. I am leaning towards writing a narrative from my own life so I can focus on making my own experiences that I find funny in real life sound funny to others. I would like to also be able to write fiction and perhaps educational/informative articles but I think a narrative will be good for honing my writing skills.

My ideas so far:

1) My experience of having strange older men hit on my girlfriend right in front of me at Burning Man. I find these types of 'creepy' older men to be fascinating, funny, and my greatest fear in that I will become one of them. Also, I find their existence in such abundance at Burning Man to be quite funny and absurd but also kind of makes sense when you think about it. I have four specific instances of older men hitting on my girlfriend that I can draw from. I am leaning towards this one for now because it is relatively recent and I feel it has great potential for hilarity.

2) I used to be a subsitute teacher in the Oakland, CA public schools in the years after college. I had one day in particular that sticks out to me as being funny in exposing the way the kids treat each other and treated me. That day I got tricked into throwing a throwing a girls teddy bear in the trash and had a kid blow up in my face when I asked him why he was sniffing markers, which led to to a class wide breakout of the song 'Young, Wild, and Free' by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. The key line from that song being 'So what we get higggghhh'. I have an endless amount of stories from my time as a sub but I think this one could make for a complete well rounded story. 

3) Also in my years after college, I had a job at an outdoor science camp in the mountains where I took kids on hikes and had shifts in the cabins at night. Part of my job was to take them on night hikes and show them the stars, talk about the planets, look through a telescope, etc. One night I got really brave and decided to go a little farther and even go off-trail on the night hike. I ended up getting turned around and lost, completely losing my sense of direction. I had to continue to lead the kids through the woods and pretend I knew where I was. One kid pretty much started having an asthma attack, and my walkie talkie was broken so I couldn't ask for help, but the whole time I made it sound like this was all part of the hike. After about an hour and a half the cabin miraculously appeared out of nowhere, and I was saved. I didn't tell any staff members about it until much later and got the kids to keep quiet so their teachers and my supervisor didn't find out. I'm not sure if this is a funny story or just enertaining. I could definitely find a lot of humor in it but I also felt like it is a good story because it had real drama in that we were actually lost. 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to any feed back.



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