Writing and Couriership

For the longest time I've always wanted to write and publish my own original story, research, or inquiry. During high school I'd spent a majority of my time just writing about things that came to my mind; whatever was going on around me, introspective or philosophical questions, short stories, and poetry. I will admit that I did receive some heat from my teachers for not paying attention in class or doing my homework/projects - it was all worth it, though. So, of course, once I graduated I thought about becoming an author in various forms of literature. I've made several attempts at coming up and writing my own literary piece, but have failed every time not because of a lack in skills or knowledge, but primarily due to not possessing that drive, that motivation, to stick to it. As of right now I'm currently working on yet another one; however, as I'm doing my best to improve in some areas of life in which I'm not exceptional at, I am making this one of them, and I intend to be proactive in making a habit of it.


If being an author is ever removed from the equation, then I would seek out to establish my own delivery/courier network on a local level. I don't think there has ever been a day where I have not gone outside of my house just to simply walk around and explore, or to find someone or something at a specific rendezvous. On some days when I'm walking home from work, I come across some of the mailmen/women delivering mail on foot; after witnessing this multiple times, I began to think about what it would be like to take on delivery assignments for people, from small items, documents, and letters to some of the more bigger packages. I then began creating a small rough draft of the general idea and application of this business type, although I have been busy with other responsibilities and haven't gone back to it, yet. I do plan to work on it some more just to see what all I can come up with. My base of thought for this is, "Well, I already walk around so much throughout the week and weekend, so who's to say that I can't make something applicable out of it?"


There is also the possibility that I can take both concepts and utilize them in a single profession. For example, an intel gatherer - someone who picks up currently existing information about an event and proceeds to investigate further to reveal certain revelations. There is also the option to become a guide of some kind and point others in the right direction. From my standing, I can choose paragraph 1, 2, or take them both and choose paragraph 3.


This is it for my project. I'd like to thank you, Michael Chernow, for providing an interesting and worthwhile class. Keep doing what you do best, it's very much appreciated.


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