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Writing a Compelling Short Story in 7 Days

Hello! I'm Jinny Beamor - working college student and writer on Wattpad. On Feb. 19, Wattpad tweeted that they've teamed up with Skillshare "to challenge you to...share your expertise in short story telling with a global community of students." 

Challenge accepted!

I recently finished a short story class in school. It inspired me to start a short story collection project last January. My class will cover technique I use to continue building up that collection, one week at a time.

About the Class

The Short Story is a beautiful, compelling piece of literature that you can write in 7 days or less.

In this class, you will learn how to plan and finish writing a short story within a week by using time management and the elements of fiction to your advantage. 

It's a perfect project for beginner writers who cannot commit to a novel just yet, as well as for experienced writers who want to try different techniques in writing short stories.

The Class Project

Practice what you learned in class by writing a four-part short story in 7 days.

  • Day 1: The Prompt
  • Day 2: The Plan
  • Day 3: The Blurb
  • Day 4: Part One - Introduction
  • Day 5: Part Two - Conflict
  • Day 6: Part Three - Climax
  • Day 7: Part Four - Resolution


A complete project should include the following:

  • Prompt
  • Blurb
  • Link to your story

Video Lesson Outline


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