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Writing Wednesdays

I recently comprised a list.

I will clump together 2-hours a day. To myself. To do those things on the list.  Living closer to my "highest potential" is what I'm doing. So so far I'm at level 1.  Out of 7.  An arbitrary 7.   In case you wanted to know.

This list, these two hours, include my workout, my meditation, budgeting, doing the splits, and reading anything film or camera related. Reasons being, obviously, I want to become more fit, more relaxed, and better at my career. And I want to accomplish a few things that are new for me (or that I used to do all the time). Like being studious. Skinny. And doing the splits.

Already this is a lot for me. So I started considering giving a daily focus to each weekday. My brain quickly dismissed that. Because THAT. That is too much to keep up with. But "Writing Wednesdays" stuck! Feelings of excitement and potential ran through me, and I realized:

If I spend an hour a week and write a scene, by the end of the year I will have written 50 scenes!

That would be.... awesome!

So I'm going to pick a scene and write it in screen play formula, every Wednesday. It can be about anything, even spawned from an image that I see in an art book.  I will give it a beginning, a middle and an end and a conflict (as much as a scene can have, anyways). And I'll play with imaginative words, to color the scene and set it's tone. And I can't wait! 


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