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Writing Towards Emotional Markers (How to Plot Your Story Arc(s) Part 2)

Writing Towards Emotional Markers is now live!

Part 1 of this series explained big picture story arcing of the protagonist's emotional journey and how to chart the change. Now it's time to talk about how to handle that journey moment by moment in chapters or scenes. 

In this class you will learn:

- More on the basics of the story arc

- What is emotional context and why is it important in story telling?

- How to bring characters' emotions to life

- How to create filters and establish emotional context at big picture and chapter level.

Through two short exercises you will practice techniques in writing emotions, building your skills towards the final assignment in your class project. You will write a piece of fiction incorporating both plot events and emotional progress.

This only the second in a series of classes. I intend to add one class per month, so watch out for the rest!


After many, many setbacks, I've finally finished recording my class! Uploaded, processed, now I just need to hit the 'publish' button. Feeling rather nervous! The class morphed a little off track from the initial plan, but seemed to make more sense to tackle the teaching path that way. I hope it works!

Oh, and updated my intro vid, too. https://youtu.be/QDLur--KoYM


OK, had a delay because my C: drive was full and I couldn't complete making the videos from Powerpoint! Grrr. Anyway, sorted now, and might I just add that most articles about saving disk space DO NOT Apply. Still, I sorted it out, made the red bar go blue and now I am back on track.

So, here's my intro vid. I'm worried the transitions are a little stilted, but I don't think I can edit that in Powerpoint without recording it all over again. Let me know what you guys think -- I'll return feedback! Thanks.



New class is underway but after the school hols am finding it difficult to refocus. Anyway, here's the class description:

Part 1 of this series covered big picture story arcing of the protagonist's emotional journey and how to chart the change (http://skl.sh/2e9WcNq). Now it's time to talk about how to handle that journey moment by moment in chapters or scenes. 

In this class you will learn:

- the basics of the story arc

- how to bring characters' emotions to life

- How to filter your story world through your characters' emotions

- How to build on emotions incrementally.

My class outline is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZCGszUsgEL4J8ZjXCxirTCu_8FId7SmHkpMUe4-RHQ/edit?usp=sharing


How to Plot Your Story Arcs Part 1 - The Big Picture  CLASS IS NOW LIVE! http://skl.sh/2e9WcNq

Would love some feedback, if anyone is able to please?


UPDATE 13.10.2016:

Class Description:

Wondering how you can bring more depth to your fiction writing? You might be in need of a character or emotional arc. What is it? Well, that's what this class is designed to explain!

These lessons will discuss the story arc in a published novel, identify the emotional markers used to progress the plot, and help you see how to layer the markers to focus your story.

Once you take this class, you'll see how easy it really is! No need to stress or get in a tangle. A clear path for you to follow in your story writing.

Class Assignment: You will track the emotional arc in a favourite story.


My intro vid is ready! https://youtu.be/mx6WhR7ZOfc

Plus, my series outline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UbbCrp7hXHf4gQzZrQ6g-dIlYUHsV67kSZDQJvCWzIQ/edit?usp=sharing

UPDATE 09.10.2016

So, been thinking about the need for a better class cover, so mucked about a bit with creating some sort of image, but then got to thinking this is moving into logo territory (to which I am clueless), so a bit of feedback from you guys would be muchly appriciated!

(I have the same in green, too.)

OK, really annoying because for some reason the image becomes massive!

UPDATE - 06.10.2016

I'm almost ready to upload my first class, but in the meantime, I also outlined my next -- Writing Towards Emotional Markers


Plus I've fiddled with my cover image, which is more inline with my website and flyers. What do you guys think? Is it ok?

UPDATE -05.10.2016

So, completely revised my approach and have now chopped my original class into four parts.

Here's my new outline for class 1 How to Plot Your Story Arc The Big Picture


I've written out the script and finished most of the slides, so I'm ready to record. My only regret at this stage is that I don't have a proper logo, nor a decent headshot of me (and I HATE having my photo taken) to put on the front cover. Plus, I don't have the equipment to do a proper video -- my camera doesn't have a mic connection and both my computers only have speaker-out connections. Ah well, there we go...

UPDATE - 03/10/2016

I'm completely changing tactics since I took this class: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/business/How-To-Make-A-Living-On-Skillshare/582236788/classroom/discussions?via=user-profile&enrolledRedirect=1

My content is far too in-depth and I'm working on simplifying it all.


This is actually my third class, but I didn't do a workshop to create No.2 - How to Build Character From Setting.

Anyway, Class No.3 is actually an adaptation of a workshop I've taught to local writers' groups, so I already have most of the script and exercises ready. However, as this is one of the techniques lightly covered in my first project, I'm going more in-depth into the subject of character emotional development, plus I've added a whole extra way of using it to plot out story settings.

My main struggle with my classes is that I don't have a great reach on social media, and all the writers who live around me are retired and are not keen to use the computer more than they have to! Technology phobia, I think - lol. So, yeah, don't want to piss off the few followers I have by continuously pushing the classes. Anyone got any advice on that?

Class outline link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gvHwYO1A0jbHsUxMMJmpYLhu-rGrs0sZiqz8RKdBijU/edit?usp=sharing

Project 1 - Short Stories: The Beginning, The Middle, The End

Uploaded my intro vid to Youtube - gotta say I'm nervous! Think a couple of my lessons might be too long but they felt like the right content for the topics.

Anyway, Youtube link https://youtu.be/VzQ4jy0NHk4

Just got to upload my final vid and I think I'm ready to publish! Scaaared!!!

TOOK THE PLUNGE: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/writing/Short-Stories-The-beginning-The-Middle-The-End/263005800/classroom/discussions?via=my-classes&enrolledRedirect=1


Coming in late here- have created the whole class, except for the very last video. Am uploading the rest now. Didn't make the Wattpad deadline, unfortunately, so only hope I can make this class deadline instead! If only I'd foundout about the comp a week earlier I'd have made it. Bummer! Ah well, that's the way it goes...

Found the whole process of creating this class much more complicated than the first impression I got from the site, mostly because I have had to learn all about using powerpoint, plus all the redrafting of the lessons. But I've really enjoyed it regardless of that and now I know how to do it all, I'll be making more classes.

After I've had a break and paid some attention to my own writing, that is...

Link to class outline:



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