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Namon Eugene

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Writing Songs In My Box Apartment

My apartment is a perfect square BOX. Matters are made worse because I have a huge window in my bedroom. My solution to this is to do my best mixing in headphones and then reference through my computer speakers, desktop speakers, cars, phone, earbuds, etc.

I'm primarily a songwriter and I built my space to demo my ideas as quickly as possible.

My setup consists of a late 2012 MacBook Pro, Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, Audio Technica M50x headphones (another pair would be very useful. love them.) and a set of Tannoy Reveal 501A monitors. I usually don’t use the monitors because of my bedroom’s huge window and its box shape. My DAW is Logic Pro X.

Below is a picture:


The part of the class that I believe really helped me the most is the mic placement section. I recorded my vocals for this project in my closet. It is a smaller space that I can control easier and get a clean sound. I record with an AKG C214 condenser mic. I also use an SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro like the one used in the class. It was helpful to learn to place the mic directly inside the filter. To stop flutter behind me, instead of egg crates, I hung an old duvet on the shelves behind me. I figured it would be dense enough to help me attenuate the sound, as Young Guru taught in the class.

Here is picture of that setup:


My process was to write the song and make the beat in my bedroom, then take my laptop and audio interface in my closet to record vocals, and finally back into my bedroom to sit down and attempt to mix.

Below is the final song I created for the project.

Thank you so much for this class! I’m new to audio engineering and I find so much of it confusing and intimidating. Young Guru made this class quick and very easy to understand.


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