Writing Prompts - Rahul

#1 What do I Struggle the most? and In what ways?

I struggle with the pilot and the plane part. I am sometimes motivated to go ahead and plan things, but I just become lazy and relax after that. But most of the time what happens is, I set goals, I plan, and then start executing them, but slowly the motivation fizzles away and I go back to chilling and procrastinating.

#2 What am I avoiding by using the phrase "I don't have time"

I am avoiding be accountable to something and trying to find a reason so that the blame for not doing the work goes on me not having the time and not actually on me. I just realized writing this that both are the same things. I'm just trying to find reasons to convince myself of not doing the required work.

#3 Whats a goal I want to achieve? How can I make the process more pleasurable?

I want to do well in the upcoming entrance examination. Scoring well will help me get a seat into a prestigious college of my choice. How can I make the process of studying more pleasurable? I am planning to implement the Game Method where I track the number of questions I solve each day and try to improve every day.

#4 Can I increase my odds by putting on the line?

OFCOURSE! I am very scared of losing money, I think I would do whatever it takes for me to ensure that I do not lose money.

#5 How can I make outcomes more tangible and desirable?

Imagine that I have already achieved that goal and that I am attending that college already.