Writing Process troubleshooting

Problem Areas

1. Research - I need to be better at visually organizing my process, but definitely could focus more specifically on my research.

2. Drafting - I need to focus on actually writing.

3. Drafting - I need to better plan my day to ensure I write everyday.

4. Revision - I need to make sure more people see my work.


1. Posting the research and the entire process on my wall. (display board)

2. I will deploy timeboxing.

3. Planning my day with writing early in the AM. Planning in 90 minute blocks will work better for me.

4. I need to grow a stronger list of people who are interested in giving me feedback on my work, even after published.


1. Right now, it's either all in my head or in my computer or on random white sheets of paper.

2. I don't have a shortage of ideas. I need to make the ideas happen.

3. I keep saying I will, but I'm committed to actually doing this now.

4. People don't know I'm a writer.

Joshua McCoy
Culture, Commerce, Consciousness