Writing Goals

Writing Goals - student project

1.  What are you trying to accomplish with your writing?

I would like to be seen as the go to woman for middle-aged new runners to turn to in order to make becoming more fit become possible for them.  

2.  What did or did not work well for you in the last year?

I didn't blog consistently this last year.  It was less consistent than any year yet.  I need to be consistent in order to grow as a writer.

3.  What type of writing will you do?

I will love to write in a story telling style that helps people find their why to the questions they may have about getting fit.  I will write on getting started strategies, motivation, overcoming excuses, all aspects of running, physical and emotional.

4.  What is your budget?

I can do this on a shoe string budget.  
My biggest expenses will be website and domain.
Photos can be taken at events I'm already participating in thus cutting down on travel expenses and such specifically for the business. 
I have computer, tablet, camera, my budget could be $400.00 a year for this beginning year.

5.  What one thing needs to happen to consider the year a success? 

Consistent content will be the thing that helps me consider the year a success.  Weekly content.  
To become a writer one has to write, one writes poorly till one writes well.  So I need to be willing to write when I don't feel like it.
It will be icing on top of success to have readers of my blog that come to me for their running related information.