Writing For Self-Expression

Writing For Self-Expression - student project

Spend 5 minutes free writing. How does it make you feel?

Okay. I've completed my 5 minutes free writing. I'm not sure whether I was determined to make a poem out of it, or if I wasn't taking it seriously because it ended up rhyming. I think, it is useful. Definitely. However, there is the risk of being too critical or misinformed, and that can be careless. Personally, I think I will take it forward. Especially narrative and poems. I have done poetry before but not seriously, and I use narrative when writing my blogs.



Writing can help you to manage your mental afflictions. Writing therapy is diverse and widespread. It is a free space to place your thoughts. However, it is advisable to have an external person such as a psychologist or therapist too.

Why Writing Therapy
Words can be used to discover, reclaim, maintain and rewrite our mental state and condition. In this way, we can write the same message in multiple ways. The words can be as explicit or vague as desired. Writing can help to say what you can’t formulate in speech; it can be the inner voice speaking, not just the outer voice. 

Free Writing
This is just getting a pen and paper and writing without thinking about it. It may be a struggle at first. Don’t look back or criticise it, just do it. This presents the first thoughts that spring to mind. This is effectively spilling the beans. Once all of it is written, it can be binned, or stored for a while. The alternative is to review it and reflect on it.

Review & Edit
This isn’t a spellcheck; this is a clarity check. It is done to determine whether this is a rational or irrational thought; therefore can be rewritten if it is not accurate to how you truly feel about the subject. Change it from “I am” to “I felt like I was”.

This is a more purposeful and intentional form of writing that would require deeper digging and clarity. This should not be misaligned or uninformed and should be an honest reflection. Sometimes it could be difficult to do. 

Poetry can be used to allow you to accept what you’re feeling and move on. Writing it, and focusing on the presentation will help you to see it differently. Getting deeper and twisting your perspective, intentionally, can open your eyes to a different way of looking at the situation.

Sean Conway
Creative Storyteller