Writes - Draws

Writes - Draws - student project

Hi Chris!

I've been looking forward to learning this technique ever since I saw the class promo on your Instagram. Now that we all have some time on our hands I thought I would try my hand at it.

Beginning with words that have the same number of letters was a great tip. I combined this with Mary Kate McDevitt's Block Lettering style to make it a little easier for me to begin with. This is my first morph-trial : )

I thought I would create a GIF to post to my Instagram as well. This ones goes back and forth between the words "Yazar" and "Çizer" - meaning Writes and Draws. I thought I would use it to promote my services as a copywriter and an illustrator / handletterer. Two birds with one stone : )

Writes - Draws - image 1 - student project

I did 3 lettering and 3 pencil variations. I am quite happy how this turned out for me as a beginner. The only thing I'm not completely happy about is the confetti - drawing bits as embellishments. I thought they would add some fun, but I think they are maybe moving too fast? Also maybe some should disappear and re-appear completely? I am not sure.

Thanks for this amazing class!

Also, I loved your wall full of art! So amazing to look at...




Here is the second version with the lines finishing and disappearing rather than rewinding : )


Writes - Draws - image 2 - student project