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Writers on Writing: A Series

For a while I've been thinking of doing a series of hand-lettered quotations about writing. (Mostly this is my way of decompressing...er, procrastinating...between writing novels.) I thought it would be fun to pitch something to NaNoWriMo about doing "30 days of writers on writing" with quotes pulled from their pep talk archives, which they could post on their blog during November...and then I found some other quotes I liked too, so I figured I'd play with all of them and see what worked!

I opted for a pretty simple lettering style since I want something I can reproduce thematically over a series of quotations...plus I'm new to this. So easy is better.

Here are a few pages of sketches I started with:

Then I did full-page inking:

And finally got them into Photoshop (I've never used Illustrator so I had to switch that part up a little):

And here are four more, just for the heck of it!

In terms of feedback--general thoughts plus critiques of specific quotations would all be super helpful! I'm struggling a little with whether or not to "spice things up" a little more in terms of lettering...I really want them to feel like a series, and since I'm using different backgrounds I feel like the text style is really what makes them a cohesive whole. But I'm curious to hear what other people think!

Also, if there's anyone who has experience with fair use/permissions for using quotations commercially (i.e. selling these as notecards), I'd be ever so grateful for your kindly advice. :)  Many thanks!


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